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This video shows a discussion with world-renowned comedian and car collector, Jay Leno covering some of the many advantages of Element fire extinguishers.

Two Guys Garage Logo

Two Guys Garage Element Fire Extinguisher Review. October 2019.

Product review as appeared on Two Guys Garage television program Season 18 Episode: Lifted Jeep

Car Fix

Car Fix Element Fire Extinguisher Review.

September 2020.

All Girls Garage

All Girls Garage Element Fire Extinguisher Review.

September 2020.

Southern Survival

Southern Survival (a Netflix series) Independently Tests & Reviews the Element Fire Extinguisher.

July 2020.


Demonstration showing an Element E50 extinguisher being used on an engine bay fire of an automobile.

The gas discharged by the Element extinguisher is heavier than air and will fill all the nooks and crannies of the engine compartment to both extinguish the fire in hard to reach areas but also to prevent the fire from re-starting while the area cools.


Test showing the effectiveness of an Element fire extinguisher on a natural gas fire.

In the video each fire is quickly put out by the Element and is then manually re-lit.


This video shows an Element E50 fire extinguisher tackling an outdoor gasoline fire. One interesting thing to note is that this is a liquid fire is burning in a round bottomed bowl.

In addition to demonstrating the effectiveness of Element, this test also shows how Element’s ‘no-thrust’ discharge does not spread the liquid (as most often seen in cooking pan fires in the kitchen).

Had this been a traditional pressurized extinguisher, the discharge jet would have blown the liquid out of the bowl causing a large fire ball.


This video shows an actual first time user determine how to discharge an Element fire extinguisher using nothing more than the images printed on the unit.

Shot in one take and in real-time, the person in the video had no product knowledge and was only told that it was a fire extinguisher and that they needed to figure out how to get it started.

Even with no product knowledge the time required to use an Element, even for a total novice, is very rapid.


This video shows how an operating Element fire extinguisher will continue to work even if placed under water. Once started, an Element cannot be blown or drowned out even in the harshest of environmental conditions.